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Dec 08, 2018

Break a Sweat Over the Holidays, but Do It Safely

It's great to get exercise during the holidays, as long as you take steps to avoid injuries, a sports medicine expert says. "I would encourage everyone to get out and be active, but we want to be sur ..

Dec 07, 2018

Are Kids' Playgrounds Really Safe?

The numbers are alarming. According to U.S. health officials, more than 200,000 children aged 14 or under are treated each year in emergency departments for playground-related injuries, about 10 perc ..

Dec 07, 2018

Health Tip: Understanding Bottlemouth Syndrome

Bottlemouth syndrome is a form of tooth decay that affects babies and young children. It is caused by prolonged drinking of sugary liquids from a bottle. The American Academy of Pediatrics says child ..

Dec 07, 2018

Safety First When Running Outdoors

Between the fresh air and the interesting scenery, running outdoors can be invigorating. But there are safety precautions to take when you leave a protected indoor environment. The Road Runners Club ..

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Many injuries can be avoided by taking preventive steps at home, on the road, and when you're at play.

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