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Jun 25, 2019

More Education Could Mean Less Heart Disease

New research offers a compelling case for staying in school: American adults who spent more time in the classroom as kids have a lower risk of heart disease. "As a society, we should be thinking abo ..

Jun 25, 2019

Is Your Child Depressed or Suicidal? Here Are the Warning Signs

Many parents think it couldn't happen to their kids, but the number of children and teens admitted to children's hospitals for thoughts of self-harm or suicide is alarming. Each year 4,600 young peo ..

Jun 25, 2019

Childhood Brain Tumor Survivors Face More Struggles

Adult survivors of childhood brain tumors often face intellectual and financial struggles, a new study finds. Advances in treatment have prolonged the lives of many childhood brain tumor patients, bu ..

Jun 25, 2019

Health Tip: Treating a Dog Bite

Whether you are bitten by your dog or an unknown one, you must treat the wound without delay. Immediate treatment reduces your risk of infection, says Cleveland Clinic. To treat a dog bite, the clin ..

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